Shurtape Foil Scrim Tape AF-982

Shurtape Foil Scrim Tape AF-982

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Shurtape AF-982 FSK Tape is a maximum strength Foil/Scrim/Kraft tape. It is used for sealing, seaming and joining scrim-reinforced foil duct insulation and in all weather conditions when a maximum strength tape is needed. Shurtape AF 982 Tape features include:

  • Wrinkle-free backing.

  • Permanent bond adhesive.

  • Backing which resists tearing.

  • Resists water vapor and smoke transmission.

  • Solvent-free.


Shurtape AF-982 FSK (Foil/Scrim/Kraft) Tape

  • Adhesive: high tack, synthetic rubber   How are adhesives different?
  • Carrier/Backing: aluminum foil/fiberglass scrim/kraft paper
  • Release Liner: non-contaminating, siliconized, flat white paper
  • Thickness: 9.4 mils (carrier, adhesive, liner) 6.6 mils (carrier, adhesive)   What is mil thickness?
  • Adhesion: 60 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 40 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: 32°F to 230°F
  • Elongation: 1%
  • Flame Spread Index: 10
  • Smoke Development Index: 10
  • Standards Met: Tested in accordance with UL 723; FSI 10/SDI 10; US Green Building Council – LEED Point contributor product
  • Core: 3" diameter